Fair breezes. Warm friendships. Exotic landfalls.

Fremantle to Bali Race and Rally
A part of Fremantle Sailing Club's
Summer of Sail

The adventure begins
Race and Rally start:     10am Saturday 16 May 2015
Countdown to Day Race and Rally start

The official start day will again be the spectacular event we saw in 2013 with all the race and rally entries on the race course and turning their bows to the north with exotic island location of Bali in their sights .
If the Fremantle to Bali has always been one of those "must sail in events" for you and your boat then make sure you are a part of Australia’s most exciting blue water race and rally linking the historic port of Fremantle with Bali and the exotic Indonesian archipelago.

Following your arrival at the Benoa Harbour finish enjoy the camaraderie, parties and social events in Bali's beautiful tropical location. And when the onshore celebrations are over experience more of the exotic sailing experiences available in this island paradise by cruising in company with the Beyond Bali Cruising Fleet. Experience warm welcomes from the Indonesian island people and the adventures of cruising to the Gili Islands, Komodo Island, Labuan Bajo and beyond. To receive up to date information on the event and the social activities surrounding it register to receive the E-Newsletter or for specific questions regarding race details call Race Director Rob Thomas 0411 704 834

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Online Entry now Open

The official Online Entry and Registration Form is now available for all boats intending to participate in the 2015 event.

Online Entry & Registration Form

Registration requires entrants to supply extensive information about their vessel, skipper and crew and must be lodged before entries close on 17 April 2015. Additionally extensive supporting documentation is required to accompany all entries. For a check list of requirements and details on the information required click the following link to open a PDF detailing the entry requirements.

Registration Assistance Page

2015 Fremantle to Bali Farewell Gala Dinner


The highlight of the pre race festivities for all the skippers and crew taking part in the Fremantle to Bali Race and Rally and all their friends and family has always been the Gala Dinner at Fremantle Sailing Club.  It is a time for camaraderie with your fellow sailors, joyful anticipation with family and friends and time to know that all the hardwork preparing for this great adventure is now behind you and the excitement of the actual race and rally immediately ahead.

This is the event that starts it all and is not to be missed.


Date:      Thursday 14th May 2015
Time:      1900hrs

Location:  Fremantle Sailing Club Wardroom
Attire:      Jackets & Smart Casual
Tickets:    $55/person (excludes alcohol includes gst)

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Super Sled sets new Fremantle to Bali Race record 5 days 23 hours 30 minutes 24 seconds

SuperSled-finishAO-5593.jpgSuperSledCrew-AO-5711.jpgSuper Sled crosses the finish line off Benoa, Bali and sets a new race record

After being in a seemingly hopeless position the day prior to finishing the race when light winds had the super maxi Super Sled moving at less than 5 knots for some time, the big yacht powered her way with speeds of up to 15 knots to the Benoa Harbour finishing line to finish at 11:30:24 local and WST time smashing the record set by Alan Brierty’s Limit in the 2011 race by more than 5 hours

Skippered by Perth yachtsman Tony Mitchell, who chartered her specifically for the race, the crew was made up predominantly of Tony’s regular offshore crew from his Farr 47 Sled, plus a number of young sailors from his home club, the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club.  Mitchell was adamant that some of the club’s younger talented yachtsman should have the opportunity to participate in an endurance ocean race in one of the fastest yachts in the world.

Terry Baker, the Chairman of the race organising committee and Vice Commodore of the Fremantle Sailing Club, flew to Bali to be at the finish line to greet the winner.

Skipper Tony Mitchell soon after the race finish: "Magic to break the record and a tribute to the crew work from the time we began getting the boat ready and in the water, to the race itself and our new record it was all magnificent and I am bloody glad to be here!"

Owner Ludde Ingvall: "This is a fantastic event. A true test of seamanship and sailors and one of the great racing opportunities for these super maxis to really stretch their wings over a distance that gives such a great variety of sea, wind and weather conditions and tests the boat and its crew to the maximum."

Terry Baker, Event Chairman: "Delighted a new record has been set carrying on the tradition of Alan Brierty's Limit from 2011 but also leaving enough in the can to make sure the 2015 event will be another great race against the weather, the conditions and the clock. To all you sailors out there who want a true racing challenge start preparing now for the 2015 event."

Massive spectator fleet for the start of the 2013 Fremantle to Bali Race and Rally

On a beautiful autumn day in Fremantle Western Australia the exciting 2013 Wonderful Indonesia Fremantle to Bali Race & Rally got underway in front of hundreds of spectator craft and watched by thousands of people lining the North Mole and the beaches from Leighton to Cottesloe.

The unique and exciting Fremantle to Bali Race and Rally with its Indian Ocean flavour links the historic port of Fremantle with the Indonesian Archipelago and exotic Bali through a dazzling blue water yacht race offering fair breezes and warm friendships.

Organisers at Fremantle Sailing Club were delighted by the spectator fleet that surrounded the start of the Wonderful Indonesia Fremantle to Bali Race & Rally at noon Saturday May 4 including the impressive Duyfken Replica yacht under sail adding great majesty to the spectacle.

Hundreds of craft of all shapes and sizes turned out to watch the race and rally fleets get under way in perfect, sunny autumn weather and light winds.

On shore a pre-race Parade of Sail in Fremantle’s Inner Harbour offered an up close view of the thirty three yachts heading for Bali, with crowds gathering to watch the race start from North Mole and beaches from Leighton to Cottesloe with many keen to catch a glimpse of the fleet and of Super Sled, one of only seven super-maxi yachts in the world.

At the farewell ceremony at Fremantle Sailing Club, the Governor of Western Australia, Hon. Malcolm McCusker presented a Letter of Friendship to be delivered to the Indonesian people by participating Indonesian yachtsman Rob Rambini before joining the Consul General Republic of Indonesia, Perth, E.D. Syarief Syamsuri and other officials and dignitaries to inspect the boats and farewell the skippers and crews.

The Welcome Indonesia Fremantle to Bali Race and Rally has attracted a healthy fleet of 33 boats, many of them lured to participate by the promise of the “Beyond Bali” component of the rally. The progress of the yachts were watched via the website and the Yellow Brick tracking system which enabled families, friends, boating enthusiasts and media to follow the fleet throughout the event. First sailed in 1981 the 2013 event has grown to become one of Australia’s most enticing and alluring blue water races offering exciting sailing to the participants and great armchair sailing through the tracker accessed via links on this website.

Beyond Bali:  Cruise of a Lifetime

Bali.jpgTwenty one of the yachts that sailed to Bali in the event remained in Indonesia for the Beyond Bali cruising component, which offered a chance for sailors to embark on great adventures in Indonesia with its more than 17,500 islands and its welcoming people, cultures and exotic locations.

The special itinerary prepared by Director of Rally Operations, Ralph Newton, has seen boats cruising the eastern archipelago – an area considered amongst the best cruising grounds in the world – and which includes thousands of islands with stunning diving opportunities and snorkelling in areas that boasts more species of coral than the Great Barrier Reef.

Ralph Newton, who also participated in the rally on his yacht Yandanooka-t, taking off equal first place with Dorade for the Rally Division developed the Beyond Bali programme.  A spreadsheet of the route for the 2013 cruise and a link to the information on Google Earth can be seen by clicking here.


General Lee wins handicap honours in 2013 Fremantle to Bali Race

General Lee crew celebrates after their Bali finish   Images Anna Oldfield

The Bakewell-White designed General Lee with its owners and skippers Paul Eldrid and Scott Disley suffered a prolonged wait for wind when, oh so close to the finish line but in the grip of the infamous Lombok current. In the style of English yactsmen sailing off Cowes but on this occasion in beautiful Bali they chose to anchor until the wind gradually crept back some hours later, then made their dash to the finish line just off Benoa, Bali finishing at 9:53:24 WST for an elapsed time of 7days 21hours 53minutes and 24 seconds. Jubilation was immediately evident as the crew celebrated in the way that only a team that has tried and succeeded can know.

Organised by   Naming
FSC-Secondary-logo-WHITE-130px.jpg   Wonderful Indonesia